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French Infantry Flags

Ludovic Letrun

As witnesses to History´s ups and downs, flags - and in particular infantry flags - reveal how short-lived ideas and their symbols can be when they are the unfortunate victims of auto-da-fés thought up by different regimes. Today museums have only managed to preserve a few rare specimens and the period texts and documents are mostly incomplete. This is particulary true for the Army of Italy flags, those of the volunteers and those of the half-brigades from 1794-1803, which are still mainly unknown to this day. Faced with this type of major difficulty, and if a coherent picture of the flags ist to be painted, a whole gamut of particulary inescapable assumptions has to be made. Nevertheless since historical exactitude does not allow for eventhe smallest unverifiable interpretations, it is up to us to warn our readers that the flags illustrated here are those that our research has enabled us to reproduce.
In bisher nicht gekannter Detailfülle werden in diesem Band die Infanteriefahnen der französischen Truppen zur Zeit der Revolutions- und Napoleonischen Kriege dokumentiert. Soweit rekonstruierbar werden die Feldzeichen aller französischen Infanterieeinheiten - Halbbrigaden, Regimenter und Bataillone - mit Vorder- und Rückseite bildlich dargestellt. Der Text informiert zuverlässig über die grundlegenden Bildelemente der Fahnen, die Praxis bei der Verleihung von Schlachtennamen usw.

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